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Our Mission

To enable Canadian science in basic and clinical research, through characterization of genome sequences; to promote this era of genome science research in Canada by building an unprecedented resource to enhance the national capacity for sequencing and informatics analysis; to position Canada at the forefront of genomics research in a long-term, sustainable manner.

Our Story

In 2014, the three leading genome centres in Canada,

  • The Centre for Applied Genomics at SickKids,
  • Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre at the BC Cancer Agency, and
  • The McGill University and Génome Québec Innovation Centre,

have formalized their pre-existing partnerships to establish a national platform for providing genomics sequencing and analysis services to researchers in Canada and around the world.

In 2015, this partnership, called Canada’s Genomics Enterprise (CGEn), has received a $58M research award from Canada’s Foundation for Innovation to

  • Establish the largest sequencing capacity in Canada
  • Make this world leading sequencing and computing infrastructure accessible to researchers in Canada and around the globe.

CGEn, which builds on over 40 years of combined in-depth expertise and experience, has achieved its first milestone of increasing its sequencing capacity by 100 fold in March 2016. Fifteen Illumina HiSeq X instruments have been successfully installed and are available to sequence an equivalent of over 27,000 human genomes each year.


Our People

The highly qualified and committed CGEn team of over 500 people based in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver forms the foundation of our success. Our team, which includes wet-lab technical staff, informatics personnel, administrative and management, embedded trainees, and project researchers are led by the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

Steven Jones, PhD (GSC-CGEn; University of British Columbia and BC Cancer Agency)

Stephen Scherer, PhD (TCAG-CGEn; SickKids and University of Toronto)

Mark Lathrop, PhD (MUGQIC-CGEn, McGill University)

Scientific Advisory Board


Edward M. Rubin, MD, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer, Metabiota)


Sir John I. Bell, GBE, FRS, FMedSci, FREng (Regius Professor of Medicine, Oxford University)

Gabor Marth, DSc (Professor of Human Genetics, University of Utah)

Elaine R. Mardis, PhD (Co-Director, McDonnell Genome Institute)

Roderick R. McInnes, CM, MD, PhD, FRSC (Director, Lady Davis Research Institute, Jewish General Hospital)

Richard M. Myers, PhD (President and Science Director of the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology)


Support from our partners has been critical for developing the skills, expertise and the infrastructure at each of the regional centre over the last 13+ years. 

Institutional Partners

Funding Partners


The CGEn platform enables the attraction, training and retention of researchers, health-care professionals and other highly qualified personnel to meet emerging challenges of large-scale biology and applications of genomics. With a combined staff of over 500, including wet-lab technical staff, informatics personnel, administrative and management, and embedded trainees and project researchers. As a national network, CGEn is committed to training the next generation of genome scientists in Canada. Each site actively recruits staff and trainees who will benefit from the expertise and experience already in place.

CGEn is currently hiring a Chief Administrative and Scientific Officer. More information about this position and the application process can be found here.  

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