Our Story

In 2014, the three leading genome centres in Canada,

  • The Centre for Advanced Genomics at SickKids,
  • Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre at BCCA, and
  • the McGill University Genome Quebec Innovation Centre,

have formalized their pre-existing partnerships to establish a national platform for providing genomics sequencing and analysis services to researchers in Canada and around the world. In 2015, this partnership, called Canada’s Genomics Enterprise (CGEn), has received a $58M research award from Canada’s Foundation for Innovation. CGEn's primary objectives are to

  • to support genomics research by increasing Canada's sequencing capacity and
  • to make a world leading sequencing and computing infrastructure accessible to researchers in Canada and around the globe.

CGEn, which builds on over 40 years of combined in-depth expertise and experience, has achieved its first milestone of increasing its sequencing capacity by 100 fold in March 2016. Fifteen Illumina HiSeq X instruments have been successfully installed and are available to sequence an equivalent of over 27,000 human genomes each year.