Our Infrastructure

In March 2016, CGEn completed the installation of 15 HiSeq X instruments with a combined sequencing capacity of over 27,000 human genome equivalents per year. This unprecedented Canadian research infrastructure ranks amongst the top few sequencing platforms in the world. To stream line efficiencies in sample preparation, robotic liquid handling systems are integrated into the HiSeq X workflows and linked to laboratory information systems (LIMS). QA and QC programs for laboratory and bioinformatics processes ensure the highest quality of our services.  

To enable the data processing and storage of this deluge of genomic information, the CGEn platform is supported by an equally impressive computational and data storage infrastructure, which currently includes nearly 19,000 compute cores, over 20 Petabytes of storage, and an equivalent amount of archive storage. CGEn's partnership with Compute Canada enables access to relevant additional compute resources .